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Mogul combines the IoT with temperature management for effortless humidity and temperature monitoring for business owners across North America.

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Not in Health Care?

Not in health care?

About Mogul

Based in Seattle, WA, Mogul Wireless is an innovator in the US cold-chain industry and a pioneer in the internet of things. Since 2008, we have developed leading wireless, online temperature monitoring software for healthcare, lab, and pharmacy facilities.

Proudly providing sales, complete installation, and immediate support all across North America.

Our System

Mogul’s 24/7 real-time temperature and humidity monitoring system will enhance your cold chain logistics from day one. Our intelligent monitoring system tracks, troubleshoots, and alerts independently, eliminating the need for manual record keeping and reducing your spend on maintenance, labour, and damaged inventory.

We provide complete system installation for all medical retail or outpatient spaces, and offer dynamic tracking solutions to accommodate your unique data requirements, facility size, and workflow.


Simplifies Facility Operations with:

• Custom Monthly E-Temperature Reports
• Automatic wireless temperatures intervals
• Real-time alerts via email/text/phone
• Improved HACCP data
• Improved joint commission scores
• Safe, confidential information storage

Increase Your ROI with:

• Reduced damage and liability of inventory
• Consistent, 24/7 facility temperature data
• Decreased labor cost for facility operations
• No need for IT Support or maintenance
• No time wasted on platform updates
• More effective reports and data points

The small motes (sensors) installed in our monitoring equipment automatically record and organize your temperature data so you don’t have to. Access your facility information anywhere, anytime through Mogul’s secure, encrypted servers.

System Features 

Monthly E-Temperature Reports

Receive a comprehensive Monthly Electronic Temperature Report detailing:

• Temperature performance
• Corrective actions/alerts
• Electronic signatures
• and more...

Customize your report to suit your facility’s data and metric needs.

Real-time System Alerts

Mogul will notify you immediately if your network interrupted or damaged. Real-time system alerts offer the best monitoring and temperature control practices.

All alerts are documented on our secure network.

Real-Time System Alerts
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Self-healing wireless transmission of interval temperature

Our program automatically determines a viable route to maintain a secure network connection. If any link degrades or becomes unavailable, our program will automatically re-route through other motes so your data is never interrupted or lost

We Work With All Facilities

"Mogul has been an important medication safety feature for our small hospital without 24 hour pharmacy services.  It enables RN’s covering pharmacy after hours to be alerted promptly of medication refrigerators that are out of range and during pharmacy hours, both the RN’s and pharmacy staff are alerted electronically.  Staff are alerted, resolve, and document resolution of refrigerators out of range within 60 minutes consistently."

– Terry Tyrrell
Pharmacy Operations Manager 
St. Elizabeth Hospital - Franciscan Health System


Small to medium size retail pharmacies and clinics

Full hospitals, laboratories, and out
patient care centers

Large scale distribution and medical storage centers


The Power of The Internet of Things

Mogul’s IoT built-in sensors give you a full spectrum view of your cold-chain. 

• Custom Reporting• 24/7 Interval Tracking• Custom Alerts and Action Logging• User-Friendly Interface

Mogul works for all medical spaces.

Read our White Paper to learn how.

The Hardware

Mogul Gateway Device

The network hardware runs on a low profile operating system that maximizes security and offers powerful data steam lining capability. Current configurations provide for a three day data retention capability in the event of a network outage. No historic data is retained in onsite hardware.

Dual Input Temperature

The dual input temperature transmitter provides internal measurement and external thermistor options in a single device. The on-board sensor is excellent for monitoring ambient indoor temperature, and the external sensor is user selectable to match your application.

High Power Repeater with Transformer

The high power repeater with intelligent transformers amplifies transmission from any EchoStream series transmitter while ignoring background noise. The repeater is ideal for large facilities such as multi-floor buildings, multi-building sites, shopping malls, campuses and other open-air installations.

Temperature/Humidity Transmitter

The Temperature/Humidity Transmitter is designed for extreme environments where condensation, frost, temperature, or humidity fluctuations are a concern.

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